Doğan Metal which started to this industry with sheet trading, today maintain servicing in İkitelli organized industrial zone. Mustafa Doğan who is the manager of the Doğan Metal which is a company that provides service to its customers and offers solution partnership in semi manufactured goods by fully integrating to metal processing industry, shared the works they had been performing with us.

Product and Service Range

Doğan Metal provide CNC laser cutting, CNC plasma cutting, press brake and guillotine service to its customer without making any concessions to service and product quality. We provide service in CNC laser cutting up to 25mm for black sheet, 15 mm for stainless sheet and 10 mm for aluminum also CNC plasma cutting machine works up to 60mm in black sheet and 35mm in stainless sheet. Besides that, we sell pipe, profile, NPI-NPU, angle bar, sheet bar, black sheet, DKP sheet, HRP sheet, galvanized sheet, stainless sheet and aluminum sheet. With the Erdemir branch we are buying imported materials. Most advanced and high technology machines in their class are found in our equipment pool. We are not avoiding any kind of machine investments for providing the best possible service to our clients. We incorporate an establishment that can work for 24 hours with shift system according to demands. We give assurance to our products after sale. Besides, we generate solutions by providing shipment with our transportation.

We are caring about personnel education and institutional development

Working long-term with stuff is one of our prioritize preferences. Expected performance can not be taken from a firm where is staff circulation rate is high. People quit when they started to completely understand the job and you waste for training new staff and planned activities can not be realize. Our company which has an awareness on this subject, prioritize the worker satisfaction with arranging periodical educations and raising awareness with consulting firms. And Doğan Metal is not avowing any sacrifice about qualified personnel. Our three expert engineers only work for improve the service and product quality. Again, we took the ISO quality compliance certificate which is one of the head stones for institutional development. Presenting semi manufactured goods in compliance with European standards is our main goal. And we are accomplishing that successfully as a firm.

“It is a necessarily to think pros and cons of competition’s effect on industry”

It is hard to mention a commercial environment without competition. It is a big element for both sellers and buyer in free market circumstances. Both sides can benefit from this. But at the same time both sides can face with problems that is hard to fix because of the competition. It is quite possible to talk about these damages when unfair competition become widespread along the industry. Products that bought from companies which sale poor quality materials because of the competition, can harm the final product. Think about one of the high costed machines that you produce has problem functioning because of the poor-quality material use and returned to your firm. And again, imagine the companies that charge only owning cost for cutting just because their machine would not be doing nothing. If you only determine cost by energy and staff expenses, how would you afford periodic maintenances of machines? How can you provide quality service for your customers with outdated machines that not maintained properly? There are so much more problems than we can cover. I only gave a simple example. That is why I think unfair competition will cause harm to our industry.