CNC Fiber Laser Cut

Makina Parkuru
Fiber Laser Cut is a laser cutting machine that uses a fiber laser generator as a light source

CNC Laser Cut

Makina Parkuru
CNC Laser cut can process metal one to one with vertical 90 degree and faster than any other cutting with burning method without need for a second lathe cleaning process

CNC Plasma Cut

Makina Parkuru
CNC plasma cut is not precise as laser cut but it is more economical cutting system that is able to process in bigger dimensions and higher thicknesses.

CNC Punch Pres

Makina Parkuru

CNC punch press can make precision measurement cuts up to thicknesses like 5mm for Black sheet metal products, 3mm for stainless steel products and 3mm for aluminum alloyed metals.

CNC Brake

Makina Parkuru

Our firm, that can make precise bending for products which has 6000 mm length and 20mm thickness, has 4 press brake counters,

Our firm does weld and assembly of the products produced with laser, punch, plasma, press brake and plate bending.

CNC Guillotine Cut

Makina Parkuru
Two guillotine machines we have in our firm, make cuts of products which has 3000 mm length and 12 mm thickness !!
Besides of press brake and plate bending with pipe and section we have in our firm !!

CNC Plate Bending

Makina Parkuru
We have 2 cylinders with 0.5mm to 12mm thickness of syh-dkp-hrp-glv-alm-psl etc. in metal places (diameter) from 60mm (diameter) to 2500mm and