Common Fields of Application

Galvanized products which provide the need for corrosion resistance and paint adhesion in automotive industry used by many automotive manufacturers for both interior and exterior parts production and thus can give lifetime guarantee against corrosion.

In the building industry hot dipped galvanized steel is used in roof, door, fence, section like various applications depending on the atmospheric conditions and needed level resistance to corrosion.

Galvanized sheets which used in the white good’s inside (non-visible) surface, become one of the main materials for white good’s production with starting of use at exterior (visible) surfaces.

Galvanized sheets are named differently according to their structures. These are,

  • Corrugated plate
  • Perforated plate
  • Roller shutter plate
  • Embossed sheet
  • Roofing lead

One of the most used sheets is perforated plate. It provides cleanness and durableness by throwing rain and snow on top of itself.