Doğan Metal’s manager Mustafa Doğan who says they added two plasma machines to their new branch at Esenyurt that opened last year and provide new 10-person employment also explained that they are investing in three lasers and two punching machines this year.

He stated that they are providing sells of semi-manufactured sheet metal that been processed in steel service centers and complimentary transportation and imported they are preparing to invest in new machines. With this investment that planned to be execute this year between June and July, three lasers and two punching machines will be bought said Doğan and report that the total cost of this investments will be 750 thousand Euros. In addition to this, Mustafa Doğan who quotes they opened a new branch and bought two plasma machines, highlighted that in parallel with this investment they hire 10 more staff.

Doğan tells that history of the Dağan Metal goes back to Dağan Tanker, which was established in 1980, and added that the company’s business life was started with manufacturing fuel tankers, above and under ground water tanks, oil and water tanks. Doğan Tanker maintained its manufacture business until the economic crisis that occurs in 2000 and because of that decided to change sectors said Doğan and state that therefore they started to make sells of metal products. “Thereby Doğan Metal was established in 2001” emphasize Doğan, and stated they enter the metal sheet trade sector. He draws attention to service they are given at the 2 thousand 500 square meter space in İkitelli Organized Industrial Zone; while they were employing 20 to 25 people in their founding years, now there are 55 staff who provides service. “Our main goal is producing products and service in international quality standards.” tells Doğan, “We are providing value added solutions with correct technologies in metal working industry. Our aim is adapting fast to the technological developments, directing the change, giving most importance to worker and customer satisfaction, being local and foreign companies’ first choice for as a well-known brand in its sector.”

Machine investments are continuing

Mustafa Doğan says that they are providing CNC laser cutting which can process black sheet up to 25mm and stainless sheet up to 15mm and aluminum up to 10 mm moreover CNC plasma cutting, press brake and guillotine. Doğan stated that CNC plasma cutting machine works up to 60mm in black sheet and 35mm in stainless sheet, he also mentioned pipe, profile, NPI-NPU, angle bar, sheet bar, black sheet, DKP sheet, HRP sheet, galvanized sheet, stainless sheet and aluminum sheet sales they are doing. With the Erdemir branch imported materials were bought also most advanced machines that comply with high technology were owned by the company said Doğan. He put an emphasis on not avoiding any kind of machine investments for providing the best possible service to their clients. “We incorporate an establishment that can work for 24 hours with shift system according to demands. We give assurance to our products after sale. Besides, we generate solutions by providing shipment with our transportation.” said Doğan.

Doğan specify that planned action could not be realized because of the expend time for training new staff and continue with “Our company is conscious of this, so we prioritize the worker satisfaction with arranging periodical educations and raising awareness with consulting firms. And we are not avowing any sacrifice about qualified personnel. Our three expert engineers only work for improve the service and product quality. Again, we took the ISO quality compliance certificate which is one of the head stones for institutional development. Presenting semi manufactured goods in compliance with European standards is our main goal. And we are accomplishing that successfully as a firm.

“Poor materials can cause great harm to product”