It is used in industrial constructions, elevator guarding, food sector, chemistry and medicine industry, cement factories, dams, centrals, ship and yacht building, available to cold shaping deep drawings, manufacturing household appliance, automotive industry, manufacturing white goods, home and office furniture, heating -cooling- ventilation systems and other similar applications.

Sheets that are especially proper are used for deep drawing. Besides their welding capabilities, chemical coating can be done easily to surface.

Low carbon, high strength, low alloy steel that can protect its welding specialties and manufactured with microalloying is used for moldable, high strength needed automotive parts.

Aside of deep drawing, sheets that are capable of one/two coat enameling is used for kitchenware which need protecting food’s properties. (like oven-pot)

Liquid steel called slab is flat steel that roll or sheet shaped and has a thickness between 1,50 – 20,00 mm which produced with strand casted rectangular sectioned semi-manufactured good’s hot rolled in hot rolling mill.