• Different options for different needs: SMART Cut, MAX Cut, NIGHT Cut
  • Perfect cut opportunity in lots of different thicknesses
  • Two type booths that appropriate for every need


  • Low power consumption, minimum maintenance and consumable cost


  • Perfect cutting performance for different thicknesses



  • Numerous installations around the world and Platino platform substructure that reside on 20 years of experience

With high gloss fiber laser, less energy and laser gas

Energy efficiency, less need for cooling, less heat dissipation

Compact and automatic laser system -less workspace and logistic

High efficiency – more production

Work area

X= 4,000mm; Y= 2000mm; Z= 150mm (available for 120″ x 60″ plates)

Axis speed

100 m/min (resultant speed 140 m/min)

Fiber laser power

2,000 W – 3,000 W – 4,000 W – 6,000 W