Fiber laser cutting machine is an ideal solution for various thickness production due to its high productivity and precision.


  • High productivity and precision

Laser machines high productivity and precision provided with linear motor, carbon fiber carrier and smart process sensors.

  • Flexibility

New options for providing your needs: Smart Cut, MAX Cut, NIGHT Cut

Processable product range: mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper. Brass

  • Economical

Pretty low energy consumption, minimum maintenance and consumables cost

  • Modularity

It is convenient for every variations of produce thanks to rough and processed product automatization modules.


  • With fiber laser, less energy and laser gas
  • Lower need for cooling capacity, less heat and CO2
  • Compact and automatic laser system, smaller produce area and logistic
  • High productivity – measured higher during laser machine usage



Work Field

LGf 1530: X= 3,000mm; Y= 1,500mm; Z= 150mm

LGf 2040: X= 4,000mm; Y= 2,000mm; Z= 150mm

Axis Speed

170 m/min (orbit speed 240m/min)

Fiber Laser Source

2,000W – 10,000W